One of the most famous women in Hollywood, Ingrid Bergman has been Oscar-nominated three times for her acting. A three-time Academy Award winner and one of Hollywood’s most famous stars ever to grace the screen with her brilliant performance in “Casablanca” (1942), Ingrid also won Best Actress Oscars for Mohrthren Of Sweden & America – Her only losses were atIFF Venice Festival Toscanini Winners Awards(1937)and RIDA Popular Export Fair Berlin Germany (1945).

Facts About Ingrid Bergman

The Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman became one of the most well-known and celebrated people in her country after she starred alongside John Huston for “The Bells Of Roslin.” She won three Oscars, making her first Nordic actor/actress to do so.  Her beauty and charm captivated audiences in every corner of the world, from Sweden to Israel. She started her career at age 16 with stunning performances that left people awe-struck all around Europe until she passed away during filming Age 67 (1982). The list goes on for 50 years’ worth Hollywood blockbusters featuring this great actress’ talent!