Fashion Fab News Fashion Beauty Celebrities Designers:- The path from actor or singer to budding fashion designer isn’t always seamless, but when brands make headlines for their runways and lines that have been going strong since the 2000s it’s clear they’re on top of things. Jessica Simpson’s line has been a powerhouse in the fashion world for over ten years now, and it’s only getting stronger. Alongside brands like Rihanna’s powerful Savage x Fenty lingerie collection from earlier this year we have seen Mary Kate Olsen launch her own company Double Threat clothing lines with Ashley as well; there are so many incredible achievement stories out there!


Famous fashion brands are always on the lookout for new talent. And when they find it, well… let’s just say there might be some high-end clothing in your future! From upstart companies to collaborations between celebrities and designers – here is how you can get involved with A list status yourself by becoming an artistes wearer today


Jessica Simpson’s fashion boutique, which first launched as a shoe line in 2006 and now includes apparel, sunglasses etc., is one of the biggest names on today’s scene. The collection has expanded from footwear to include accessories for all your needs with an eye-catching aesthetic that can be found at retailers including Macy’ s or HSN – yes you read correctly! A billion dollars generated last year alone makes this company more than just some celebrity vanity project; it truly deserves recognition .


Reese Witherspoon is more than just an actress and production company director, she’s a style icon. Her clothing line Draper James offers timeless southern pieces that any woman would be proud to wear every day- even if you’re not famous! With affordable prices for all types of bodies alike (from $98-$200), this brand will have your closet complete with some seriously chic collaborates from Eloquii too


We all know that some celebrities just can’t seem to break free from their favourite labels. Whether it’s because they’re friends with fashion designers, brand spokespersons or simply in love and refuse any other direction than what feels right on them – Home aesthetics seems impossible for these stars once there has been a successful pairing between clothes-forward comfort zones and award season which will soon come full circle this year! So let’s take look at who dresses whom during Hollywood awards ceremonies?

Anne Hathaway and Valentino⇒ Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani has found his latest red carpet protégé in Anne Hathaway. Shamelessly one of ‘Val’s Gals, Molto designs elegant creations almost exclusively and is rumore to be walking down the aisle at a bespoke V-Va wedding dress with this actress who can certainly pull off any look thanks for being so beautiful!

Renee Zellwegger and Carolina Herrera⇒ Zellweger has been wearing Carolina Herrera since the early 2000’s. She credits her clothes for making it seem like she isn’t trying too hard and being honest with who she is, which makes this Texas beauty a loyal supporter of New York designer Zelly!

Kate Middleton and Alexander Mcqueen⇒ The Duchess of Cambridge has made Alexander McQueen’s house a household name. Creative Director and designer Sarah Burton have become an inspired choice for modern royalty, with each outfit proving to be more stunning than the last! The two are unstoppable in their styling skills—they’ve impressed all fashion connoisseurs on every outing so far since becoming partners-in crime back at Christmas time when Her Royal Highness rocked that black velvet dress during Facetime appointments or official visits abroad while also making sure not one detail went unnoticed from headto toe including those killer shoes which you can’t miss if windows down.