The actress in the Downy Unstoppables Commercial is an international model and singer. She has been featured on numerous TV shows such as Extraordinary Day with Ciara O’Brian or Americas Next Top Model Cycle 21 where she came runner up to winner Jax793!

Who Is In The Downy Unstoppable Commercial?

The Unstoppables wash scent boosters will keep your clothes fresh for twelve weeks! Amy Sedaris sits on a dryer as she talks up the benefits of this new product, which comes with an extra powerful dose. She tells Jimmy that if his favorite shirt has been sitting in storage since before Thanksgiving then there’s no way it can still smell okay–but he’ll be happy again when he takes off those old wrinkles thanks to our fast-working bacteria buddies here at Downy.”

Who Is The Girl In The Downy First Date Commercial?

The woman on a first date says he looks “amazingly comfortable.” Oof. Jim Mahoney plays the man, while Shannon Hollander is his partner in crime for this romantic evening out!

What Is The Woman Singing In The Downy Commercial?

Infusing the most soothing vocals to soothe your soul, Lxandra’s music will calm you down in an instant. Her latest single ‘Hush Hush Baby’ was released last year and features a track with lyrics that are just as catchy!

What Is The Name Of The Song On The Downy Commercial?

Though the lyrics are from decades past, this song has a modern sound to it. The piano in “Times of Your Life” by Paul Anka is just one example that proves how timeless music can be even when written years ago!