Brett Cooper is a social media personality from America with over one million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She has been in the industry since 2016 when she started working for The Daily Wire, an online news source that covers politics & current events; but it wasn’t until recently where people became interested by seeing how much success this young woman had achieved already!

Brett Cooper Wiki/Biography

Brett Cooper was born into an American family in Tennessee, USA. Her birthday falls on October 12th while she is a Libra by Zodiac Sign . She graduated high school graduation from her hometown with honors & degrees in English literature (major)and business Management(minor). After graduating college at UCLA Los Angeles ,she worked as an editor for 2 years before joining our team here!

Brett Cooper

Her ethnicity is a mix of both Western and ethnic features. Her father’s name has not been revealed, but her mother Diane Cooper exists in this world with three siblings – two elder brothers who are also quite famous (we’ll get to their names soon). As for romance status now? That doesn’t mean there was never any involvement from guys though: she dated at least one person recently too. Brett Cooper was born in 12 Oct 2001 . His hometown is Tennessee, USA. She’s famous for Famous For Hosting ‘The Comments Section’

How Old Is Brett Cooper?

Brett Cooper is a 20-year old woman who was born in 2001. She has black hair and hazel eyes, with measurements of 31 inches bust – 23 waist–33 hips due to her height at 5’6″. In addition you can see that she’s curve fruition!


Brett Cooper made her debut appearance as an actress in the film Parental Guidance (2012). She has two credited films to date: The Boy Scout and Little Emily, respectively. Her first television credit is for Gortimer Gibbon’s Life On Normal Street where she played a role of shot girl who helps save town from evil scientist Ben Geisler aka Mr.. After this performance she went onto appear both shots fired TV series along with short film Bobbi & Gill which were released last year alone!

Heathers is a popular TV series from 2018. It had an actors’ binge-worthy trailer that featured eight out of ten episodes played by one actress, who was seen in both trailers and still remains well known for her work on this show! Brett has been keeping herself busy with acting but recently made headlines when she announced plans to comeback later this year playing another character – Trailer Parker again (which we’re not complaining).

In fact, her most popular videos are YouTube Shorts. Currently the channel has more than 1 million subscribers with 362 total video views! “She also starts a new show The Comments Section that she shares to on her youtube account ‘the comments section with brett cooper’. it was launched in January 2022 while these shorter clips started coming out march 2022.”

Brett Cooper Net Worth

Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper is living a comfortable life as she hosts The Daily Wire. She will be expanding her career by coming back to acting too! Her salary for this position has not been released, but it’s believed that each year salaries are in six figures.

Mumbai-based make up artist decoding is currently enjoying success on YouTube and social media. She has worked with brands like Nimi Skincare in the past few months, which makes us excited for what’s next!

Influencer, Brett Apodaca has launched an online store on The Daily Wire’s official website. Her merchandise page lists apparel such as tees and hoodies priced between $45-$80 with some of them being more expensive than others depending upon their quality or where they were purchased from (i e Amazon). There seems like there will be a profit split between herself/the company she represents while selling these products but we cannot guarantee any numbers because this hasn’t been confirmed yet so please watch out for updates!