You Want a Lindsay Lohan Tattoo

Have I lost my mind! The desire for a Lindsay Lohan tattoo has been taking over my moral compass. Will Donald Trump help me with this decision? I could have chosen Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, but I think Lindsay Lohan is worth the cash for some sexy body art! Would you get a Lindsay Lohan tattoo?Lindsay Lohan had a song named, “Ultimate” and it talks about how she has found the ulitimate guy. I think the ultimate would be a Lindsay Lohan tattoo! You can make a Lindsay Lohan tattoo bright colors, where it sticks out. I imagine a girl could get a cute pink Lindsay Lohan tattoo. A Lindsay Lohan tattoo can make a statement of being a wild, fun-loving, and crazy party person.

You have to love a girl(Lindsay Lohan), who can get an operation and then go partying at a night club with cigarettes in hand. Not to mention, she looks really hot dressed in all black Lindsay Lohan can act and she can actually sing. Paris Hilton cannot act and she can shatter a glass window with her voice. I would choose a Lindsay Lohan tattoo over a Paris Hilton tattoo any day of the week. If your a girl, you can get a Lindsay Lohan tattoo that has her name in light pink. A cool tattoo of her winking from the cover picture of Just My Luck(Comedy Romance). There are other pictures of her smiling and turning to the side, which would make an awesome Lindsay Lohan tattoo. Let me quickly share with you why I would choose a Lindsay Lohan tattoo over a Paris Hilton tattoo. Lindsay Lohan would be fun to hang out with at parties and I know she would offer stimulating conversation. Lindsay Lohan would be able to hold a good conversation and she has a brain in her head. Paris Hilton has money, fame, and the attention of the worst Tabloids in the world. I would not last long with Paris Hilton because she would be talking about her little dog and she would be on the cell phone every minute. On the other hand, you have the voluptuous Lindsay Lohan, who would be listening intently as you talk about world hunger. Paris Hilton would be zoned out on some other distant planet, thinking about a wild party with little dogs, wearing diamond necklace dog collars.

Lindsay Lohan is glittering with talent, while Paris Hilton is blowing away with magical fairy dust. Vanity Fair has stated that Lindsay Lohan was bulimic and I never have seen her looking bulimic. Was she anorexic or bulimic? Who really knows? I think Paris Hilton looks anorexic, but there is no evidence of this. The bottom line is this, a Lindsay Lohan tattoo would look much better than a stick figure of Paris Hilton on my body! Imagine a Paris Hilton tattoo on your body while she is on a cell phone. If that does not make you cry yourself to sleep at night, then nothing will! Here is a song from the past, I would like to dedicate to Lindsay Lohan. Ms. Lohan this is for you: “Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest. Nobody does it quite the way you do, why did you have to be so good… Nobody does it half as good as you, baby your the best.” Carley Simon sang that song for “The Spy Who Loved Me” and it fits Lindsay Lohan like a glove. She is the best!

Does Lindsay Lohan deserve to be a tattoo on your body? Absolutely! What better way to wake up in the morning and see a Lindsay Lohan tattoo on your body. You can now shower and look in the mirror, with Lindsay Lohan looking right back at you. When girls go wacky in Hollywood, a good Lindsay Lohan tattoo will break the ice. Whether your at a party or you just want to impress your friends, this tattoo will make you the talk of the town. Imagine posting your new Lindsay Lohan tattoo on MySpace or your crazy blog. You could even start a Lindsay Lohan Tattoo Club online! Hey don’t forget, I came up with the idea! As Lindsay Lohan would say, “Your The Ultimate!” Be the ultimate you with the ultimate tattoo.

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