Watch Jedward Perform ‘Vanilla Ice’ on National Television Awards (VIDEO)

So Jedward made a very public and highly publicised comeback this evening as they performed their debut single, Vanilla Ice at the National Television Awards.

The so-called ‘Terrible Twins’ who appeared on The X Factor last year performed an Ice Ice Baby / Under Pressure mix with rap star Vanilla Ice himself. Other blogs have commented they were surprised to see Ice there, but I personally am not. The NTA gig was a high-profile opportunity for John and Edward Grimes to debut their single to a large-audience, most of whom would have been the demographic the duo are hoping to capture.

Although we weren’t John and Edward’s biggest fans on The X Factor, I have to admit I quite enjoyed their performance tonight. Not only were they entertaining and funny, but they were pretty slick with a large group of dancers, and even managed to pick up an award on the night, posting a picture on Twitter before the show went out on ITV.

If you’re looking to purchase John and Edward’s Vanilla Ice, they have just announced on Twitter that it’s released on 31st January 2009, and of course, they are hoping you guys will grant them a number one spot by purchasing the single. We’ll be buying a copy, will you?

Jedward – Vanilla Ice on National Television Awards

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