Vanessa Hudgens is Purple Skirt Sexy

Vanessa Hudgens looked extremely cute in a bright purple dress today as she headed into the MTV Studios. Vanessa was on her way into the studios to film her appearance on the ‘Its on With Alexa Chung‘ show, where she’ll be promoting her latest movie, Bandslam.

In related news, the 20-year-old stunner has made demands on her boyfriend Zac Efron, to cut all ties with actress Megan Fox. An insider has told the Enquirer that: “Vanessa feels humiliated by what she perceives to be Zac cheating on her.

Zac is now going along with Vanessa’s wishes that he keep away from Megan, but he’s torn between being loyal to his girlfriend and the possibility of working with Megan in the future. He doesn’t want to cut Megan off entirely because he thinks a work collaboration could be box-office gold. On the other hand, Zac loves Vanessa and doesn’t want to lose her.”

Bandslam is due to hit theatres across the country on Friday 14th August 2009.

If your a Twitter user, be sure to follow Vanessa: at @Vanessa_Hudgens

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