Twilight’s Breaking Dawn!

Its official. The news about the last installment (unless Stephenie Meyer decides to write anymore) has finally come from a spy.

So basically we have no idea who this spy could be but what the spy knows is the important thing!

All rumours that have surfaced detailing the fate of whether the beloved book, Breaking Dawn will be split in half will now finally be put to rest as the spy confirmed it will be placed into two films.

The spy commented: ““It’s solid and they will be filmed back-to-back.” The only problem left to get the final motion into the production of the movie is the script writer, Melissa Rosenberg who has still yet to complete the two individual scripts.

And as for a director, Summit Entertainment have yet to find such a talented one although rumours suggested that New Moon director Chris Weitz will be stepping back into the twilight world for one more bite of it.

So i guess we have to wait yet again for more news. *sigh*

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