Top Of The Pops Magazine Interviews Aston Merrygold

Aston Merrygold shared his bed room secrets with Top of the pops magazine:

“I bet you want to know what my bedroom is like!

Ok, well my bed has a nice wooden frame with a big headboard and brown and cream covers. I’ve always wanted a bed where the maitress is a bit higher than the frame so you can rest things on the ledge around the side. The walls are white with a cream tint and I’ve got these really cool lights on a dimmer switch. I’ve just had a clear out cos I’ve got too many clothes.”

“I still have a teddy from when i was little!

It’s a sonic the hedgehog, but i leave it at home with my mum so she can look after it for me. I’ve got about 20 teddies from our supporters, too. They’re all in the corner of my room in a nice pile. They look like they’re all friends.”

“I’ve got a bad bedroom habit …

I don’t snore, suck my thumb or talk in my sleep, but in the morning I get up and fling my bed sheets to the side and just leave them there. Sometimes, when we’re in a rush, I leave it and then I worry about it all day! When I get home, the first thing I do is tidy the sheets.”

“Sometimes I dribble in my sleep!

It’s not nice but I have dribbled on my arm before.  It was all dry when I woke up!”

“Sleeping alone is great …

Having a cuddle in bed is nice, but I do love to spread out and sometimes be on my own in my bed. It just depends on what mood i’m in.”

“My mate was the last person to stay over …

His name is Chris and he likes to stay all the time and play on his Xbox. But he stays on the sofa cos the blow up bed has popped!”

“I never feel lonely in hotels …

I’m a party animal who’s always saying, ‘Let’s go out!’ So when I’m in my hotel room, I just want to sleep!”

“Watching TV helps me drift off …

When I’m staying in a hotel, I have to to put the TV on to fall asleep. But I set the timer so it will switch itself off in two or three hours.”

“Last night I dreamed I was back in LA!

We made the video for ‘Everybody In Love’ there and last night I dreamed I was still on set. I was reliving all the moments with m video girl. She was beautiful!”

“I’d like to wake up next to Hayden Panettiere, from Heroes …

But I’ve seen loads of nice girls recently. Sophie from Dolly Rockers, and all of Girls Can’t Catch. I do tell them that they are cute!”

“I’m a morning person …

I’ve always got energy so I’m all right. JB wakes up grumpy all the time! Don’t talk to him in the mornings. But Oritse is the hardest to wake up. He falls asleep anywhere. Like, we’ll be in the car for five minutes and his asleep. It’s a gift.”

“When I go to bed, I like to have a glass of juice …

But once, I put some juice by my bed and it must have stayed there for about two weeks! It wasn’t even as if I didn’t know it was there – it was bright purple! It was practically mouldy before I threw it away.”

“I can’t believe I fell asleep playing on the Xbox!

I was sitting up right on a desk chair, too! I was at my friend’s house at uni. There were loads of us sleeping there and they were laughing at me cos I was asleep with the controller still in my hand!”

“Sharing a bed with any of JLS would be a nightmare!

If I had to share a bed with any of them, I’d rather sleep on the floor! They’re all big. Marvin’s about eight foot tall!”

‘Sources: Top Of The Pops Magazine’

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  1. Naww their all so big <3 Youre so cute Aston and I cant wait to see you on the 4th Dimension Tour and i have a sympathy for small people too x

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