Taylor Lautner Vs. Robert Pattinson – Its War!

Twilight hotties, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have a huge battle among them between their total subscribers on the Celebrity website, DailyFill.com. Last week DailyFill.com announced that the winner now is Taylor Lautner after taking the lead with a few more subscribers – five to be exact which brings his total to a massive 1,088.

Word has quickly spread this week as Robert Pattinson fans has finally managed to bite back at Taylor Lautner fans as his fanbase grabbed two more than Taylor.

Who do you think you should subscribe to and why?

Catch vampire Robert Pattinson next in Remember Me on March 12th and Werewolf Taylor Lautner in Rom Com Valentines Day out now. (I bet you can’t guess what day it is out for!)

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