Taylor Swift Accept’s ‘Album Of The Year’ Grammy Award 2010 (PICS)

Taylor Swift is quite literally the hottest singer on the planet these days. As she became the biggest-selling female artist of 2009, she graciously accepted the ‘Album of the Year’ Grammy Award last night.

The ‘Should’ve Said No’ songstress looked absolutely gorgeous in a tight-fitted navy blue sequin dress, and seemed genuinely shocked at her accomplishment. Thankfully as Taylor Swift made her acceptance speech, there was no sign of Kanye West storming the stage to ruin her moment for the second time.

Taylor told the audience: “Ahh, this is album of the year. Oh wow! Thank you so much. I just hope that you know how much this means to me – that we get to take this back to Nashville. This is for my dad. Thank you for all those times you said I could do whatever I wanted in life. And to my mom, you’re my best friend.

Miss Swift also took home three other Grammy Awards trophies (she was nominated for 8 total) including Best Country Song and Best Country Album.

Taylor Swift Pictures from 2010 Grammy Awards

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