Taylor Lautner Is A Hunky Gym Junkie (PICS)

When you have a reputation of being one of the hunkiest men in showbiz, keeping up appearances is of top importance. And Taylor Lautner takes his job of looking good very seriously, as we caught him on his way to the gym for a good workout.

The Jacob Black stud left the gym through a back door to avoid the paparazzi after his sweat session, but was kind enough to greet a few fans and take some photos before jumping into his brand new £150,000 Audi R8 sports car. This sighting comes just days after Taylor Lautner picked up a Peoples Choice Award.

Taylor Lautner was named ‘Best Breakout Actor’, and is in high demand as he has recently signed up to star in the film Northern Lights.

Taylor Lautner Hunky Gym Junkie Pictures

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