Taylor Lautner Has Dinnertime Date with Sara Hicks (PICS)

Actor hunk Taylor Lautner and Sarah Hicks were spotted having a dinnertime date in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon, which is sure to boost rumours of a blossoming relationship.

The Jacob Black stud and his lady friend were joined by Taylor Lautner’s father Dan Lautner and grabbed a tasty Italian meal at the local Olive Garden Restaurant. The sighting comes as speculation in the tabloids continues to grow over Mr Lautner’s intent on winning back ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

An insider close to Lautner claims that he “Plans to overwhelm Taylor with four dozen red roses, a diamond friendship ring and a romantic dinner date when they;re both in Los Angeles. He wholeheartedly believes they have something special and that it’s worth fighting for.

If Taylor Lautner he’s hoping to win back Taylor Swift, taking other girls out on date’s certainly isn’t going to bolster his chances.

Taylor Lautner Dinner Date with Sara Hicks

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