Super Sexy Lea Michele ‘Glee’ Actress Is Looking For Love (PICS)

Now if you had asked me 10 minutes ago who Lea Michele was, chances are I would have answered “I haven’t got a clue.” And I still don’t to be honest, all I do know is she is one of the up-and-coming stars in Hollywood, and is an actress who is part of the very successful series ‘Glee’. But Lea Michele admits that although she enjoys the single life, she still has problems attracting men, even with her new found stardom.

I kinda find that hard to believe. Look at the Lea Michele Pictures below, this girl is BEAUTIFUL!!! The 23-year-old said: “Contrary to belief guys are not blowing up my phone trying to date me at the moment. I am very happy, I’ll say that, but I will never tell if I am dating someone.

And now she is part of the celebrity world, she has to deal with these celebrity rumours. “Every week I’m rumoured to be dating a different ‘Glee’ cast member and it is hysterical. But none of us are dating each other. I will say that much,” the cutie said.

Meanwhile, Lea sometimes enjoys being the troublemaker of the cast. “All the “Glee” cast went out and we were all quite tired, had a bit of wine and I managed to convince two of the cast members to go out and get tattoos,” she recalled. “So we all have little tattoos on our feet now. It says Imagine. It made a lot of sense that night. They didn’t take long to do, in fact it took so little time I had enough time to get another one too, but I won’t talk about that one!

‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele Pictures

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