Slumdog Millionaire Scoops Up the Bafta’s

The British film which is set and filmed in India is a very compelling romantic drama. The storyline basically evolves around a young boy who grew up in a slum neighbourhood and then got the chance to appear on the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire show and manages to get all the way up to the last answer.

The plot thickens when authorities then start to accuse him of cheating his way to the top, but the film then portrays his life in flashbacks and offers an in depth explanation of how an uneducated boy knows all the answers to the questions.

The film has been a box office smash raking in millions of pounds, but the films production did not start off great, as it was almost shut down and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was all set to go straight to DVD after the film’s original studio backer, Warner Independent (a division of Warner Brothers), shut down in May 2008. Luckily, the Fox studio’s indie film division, Fox Searchlight, picked it up for theatrical release. And I bet they are relieved that they did back the movie as they will be cashing in right about now.

But it’s not all about how much revenue the film has brought in, to be an overall success a film must be praised by critics and pick up a handful of awards. Slumdog Millionaire has done exactly that, the public are rushing to theatres to grab a glimpse of the movie, critics are applauding and the box office is going crazy, besides that the movies has also set itself on course for Oscar success.

In 2008’s Bafta ceremony Slumdog Millionaire came out winning seven categories including best film and best director. The film overall had been nominated 11 times. The film also won best music, cinematography and editing & sound. Although the film overall has had its fair share of critics, you can see that it is a much loved movie that will go down in history.

So it is not all about action, horror and high budget movies, once in a while we get a real gem of a film that comes as a pleasant surprise to everyone and does not break the bank to get there. I am sure that Dev Patel, Amil Kapoor and the rest of the cast will have very rewarding careers then will bring them great riches and fame throughout their lives.

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