Simon Cowell & Cheryl Cole Nip Out for Quickie

Judging singing contestants all day can be a right drag, so when Simon Cowell tells the production team he is nipping out for a break, (which he does very often), we now know exactly why. Because Cheryl Cole & Simon Cowell nip out for a quickie.

A quick cigarette that is. While pretty much everybody knows Simon Cowell smokes, fans will be surprised to hear that his glamorous fellow judge Cheryl Cole enjoys a puff as much as he does.

The couple were spotted on a balcony during a break from filming the X Factor auditions a few days ago. Not many people know this, but Cheryl Cole used to smoke a packet of cigarettes a day, but when husband Ashley Cole complained of the smell, she gave up for her husband.

Seems like he needs to complain a bit harder. While these pictures don’t actually show Cheryl Cole Smoking, her hand does seem to be in the correct position to be holding a cigarette, plus an alleged ‘insider’ that has confirmed Cheryl does have the odd crafty fag, we make no claim as to whether she does or does not smoke.

What do you guys think? Cheryl Cole smoking or not?

Original photo removed at the request of copyright holder.

22 thoughts on “Simon Cowell & Cheryl Cole Nip Out for Quickie

  1. So what, its a free country and she has always smoked. She has said in interviews she doesnt like smoking in front of fans as she takes her position as a role model very seriously.

  2. Tbh, She's My Role Model, Who Cares That She Smokes, I Only Just Discovered That She Does And Idc Cos I Already Smoke Anyway Haaha

  3. Well, oooftcherylcole, all you and Cheryl are doing by smoking is shortening your lifespans! 🙁 If Ashley's complaining, and if she wants a long healthy life, then she should quit. I really hate smokers, (and the smell of nicotine) but I love Cheryl, so I'm in a bit of difficult position as to whether I should carry on loving her as much as I do or love her less because she smokes. I hate to read about my idol smoking.
    Plus, if she wants children, she should DEFINITLEY quit because smoking while pregnant harms the unborn baby. Also, then her children would be surrounded by a smoky-ish atmosphere, meaning their health would suffer. So Cheryl, quit NOW, before it's too late.

  4. tbh its up to her if she want to smoke it would be beter if she didnt smoke but its up to her if she wants to smoke

  5. My nan smokes and she has tried loaaaads of times to stop but couldnt so maybe Cheryl can't ..

  6. Oh, please. Whenever a celebrity is spotted smoking, everybody says "You have to give up now", etc etc.

    I know people who actually don't smoke at all- but are liable to the odd cigarette now and then. You know, smoking doesn't immediately entail addiction- and sometimes it's seen as a relaxing thing, or more social.

    Certainly, Cheryl Cole did smoke a lot, once- but her habit is not consistent. Some of my friends can have about one cigarette every 2 weeks; but come a night out, and they'd get through at least a packet in a manner of hours. Smoking is demonised too much in this day and age- so people, get a grip.

  7. why did you start smoking cos it will make ur fans want to start smoking like me and i am 13. what sort of cigarettes do you smoke. i want to smoke just like you.

  8. Loool comment abovee, sarcastic right? Bwaah, i can’t believe she smokes! normally you can tell, but cheryl looks really healthy, so maybee she doesn’t smoke that much.. If you think about it millions of people smoke so its not really that big a deal~ even thoughh i hate the smell of it!!!

  9. It’s not healthy for her to smoke. Also, it could potentially ruin her voice! My grandma
    has been smoking since she was 16 and she used to sing really well and do a few gigs but now, much to her disappointment, she finds that she gets to breathless to sing (let alone move around) 🙁 this would not be good at all for cheryls career!!! However, what she does is up to her. I’m 16 and I wanna
    be a singer/songwriter when I’m older so I’m not gonna start smoking, also I think the smell is vile. MATT TO WIN THE X FACTOR 2010 🙂

  10. Tbh it’s her choice if she wishes to smoke or not but it can ruin lives as it can kill, and it can ruin your appearance as my friends mum and dad smoke, it can damage your lungs and my cousins mum used to be a fitness coach but ever since she smoked she can’t do fitness much no more

  11. ohh WOW she smokes so what but do you know what i hate is when a woman celebrity whos hot smokes pepole say its fine but when someone normal smokes they get called ugly **** HORRIBLE NAMES pepole need to get a grip!!!!

  12. ohh WOW she smokes so what but do you know what i hate is when a woman celebrity whos hot smokes pepole say its fine but when someone normal smokes they get called ugly **** HORRIBLE NAMES pepole need to get a grip!!!!

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