Simon Cowell ‘Banned’ John And Edward From Celebrity Big Brother

Simon Cowell, banned the most talked about twins on the planet, John and Edward grimes from going in the celebrity big brother house.

A source claimed that people who worked on channel 4 were very eager to have the twins on celebrity big brother but Simon Cowell put his foot down.

The only reason why Cowell can stop them is because the twins have signed a contract with him so he has the right to tell them what to do.

The source claimed: “We were going to have them in the house for the first week, because they had other commitments. The boys were keen and so was Louis, but Cowell put his foot down. He may have berated them for weeks on The X Factor but when it came to them appearing on C4, he said: ‘They belong to us’.”

So would you liked to of seen Jedward in Celebrity Big Brother? Leave your comments below …

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