Selena Gomez – Roses From a Secret Admirer

Selena Gomez celebrated her 17th birthday last week on the 22nd July, and the old saying of ‘ask & you shall receive’ proved true. Selena Gomez tweeted the day before her birthday asking for yellow roses.

Only a few hours later, she posted some stunning pictures to her twitter account posing with a bunch of beautiful yellow roses.

She said: “After A LOT of rehearsing, I came back into my room to find these… Thank you. Okay, so this is amazing….. Thank you, again.

At the time, a few online celebrity gossip blogs speculated that Taylor Swift actually sent Selena Gomez the flowers, however Selena has since confirmed that this wasnt true.

So who do YOU think sent Selena the yellow roses? A secret boyfriend perhaps?

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