Selena Gomez Postpones Concerts In Russia Over Visa Problems

selena gomezUS teen sensation Selena Gomez has cancelled two of her concerts in Russia after she failed to get a visa under new regulations introduced after celebrities like Madonna and Lady Gaga used their shows to promote their gay agenda.

Selena, 21, has cancelled her scheduled shows in St. Petersburg and Moscow for Monday and Wednesday respectively as delays meant that she won’t get her visa approved in time, according to organizers.

Russia introduced new tough visa laws for pop stars coming on tour after US singers like Lady Gaga and Madonna strongly promoted gay rights on their concerts.

Selena, once a child star on Disney TV shows and movies, earlier this year allegedly attended the gay pride festival in Los Angeles.

The new stricter anti-gay laws for pop stars and celebrities, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in June this year, follows after complaints were made by outspoken Russian politician Vitaly Milonov. Vitaly is one of the main supporters of the new law that bans the promotion of homosexuality to minors. The law has sparked international outrage and criticism from celebs such as openly gay British star Stephen Fry.

Vitaly also asked the prosecutors’ to investigate the new visa rules for foreign celebrities doing concerts after Madonna gave away pink ribbons symbolizing gay rights and Gaga saying to her fans that they can be at “her house” at her gig in Russia in 2012.

Meanwhile, Vitaly has dismissed his involvement for the cancellations of Selena’s concerts.

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