Selena Gomez hits up Alexa Chung

Selena Gomez left her home town around a week ago to travel around the world aggressively promoting her movie, Wizards of Waverly Place, which is due in cinemas in a matter of days. Here, Selena Gomez appeared on ‘On with Alexa Chung’, which was filmed in New York City.

Selena was greeted outside by some adoring fans, one even presenting the actress a bunch of roses. In other Selena Gomez News, she recently took to her MySpace account to confirm that she’s now done with her first album, and is very impatient and excited for us to all hear it.

She wrote “Well I have officially finished my first record! The fact that I can say I have a record is a dream come true to me but not possible if it wearnt for you guys. The whole process is much fun and therapeutic, most of my friends are amazing musically so to step into that for a while has been an incredible experience for me.

All of my fan have been showing me an insane amount of support during this time for me, along with a couple of parents, so for that I thank you. Honestly during every session in the studio i kept saying ‘Oh, I hope they like this!’ or ‘I hope they can relate to this.’ You were all in my mind during this time!

“I think im going to be a little kid running home to his parents showing them my art project when this comes out saying ‘Do you like it, do you like it?!?!?!’ so in advance I apologize haha

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