Sarah Jessica Parker To Launch Her Own Fashion Line

sarah jessica parkerSarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie Bradshaw, the show-obsessed vixen in the Sex and the City, is all set to launch her own fashion line.

According to, the 48-year-old actress has teamed up with George Malkemus, CEO of high-street shoe maker Manolo Blahnik, and is expected to launch her fashion label SJP in 2014.

Sarah told Vogue magazine that this is what most people expected to her to do because while playing Carrie Bradshaw, she wore many shoes and naturally learned a lot about them. She also said her shoes will be available in a plethora of colors people always wished to see in their closets.

In addition to shoes, Sarah’s fashion line will also sell bags with design elements taken from the seventies (1970) and eighties (1980).

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