Sarah Jessica Parker – Stylishly Hot

Sarah Jessica Parker is Carrie Bradshaw in the ever famous series, Sex and the City. It might be quite hard to tell where Carrie Bradshaw’s style stops and where Sarah Jessica Parker begins, but let us just be dazzled and surprised with the stylish outfits that she wears. She can pull off rainbow colored stilettos with little black dresses, or wearing a red carpet gown with shorts, or mixing a vintage gown with retro beads. She only proves that fashion rules are made to be broken.

On her casual days, we see Sarah Jessica wearing bootleg jeans with Juicy hoodies, but still not forgetting offbeat accessories like bright scarves, funky flats or IT bags. Her hair is much like her style, which is always changing. It can be naturally curly, or a beautiful stick straight hair, worn down or up in a funky updo. Her shade can go from brown to blonde and everything in between.

She loves her makeup to be bare and natural, making sure that her fabulous style is in the spotlight. If, however, she chooses to make an effort, she loves smoky eyes by using a smudged liner and a dark eye shadow.

If you want Sarah Jessica’s look, go start with a base of classic outfits such as skinny jeans, blazers with neutral tops, and just add some oomph and pizzazz by layers such as dresses, pretty feminine camisoles and tunics. Just learn how to mix and match. Her rule of thumb is the more vibrant, the better.


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