Russell Brand And Katy Perry Are Single Again Officially

Russell Brand Katy PerryRussell Brand and Katy Perry are divorced officially.

Katy and Russell got married on 23 October, 2010 but within the end of December the same year Russell filed for divorce. But the divorce became final today as it requires a whole 6 months for a divorce to be settled according to Californian Law.

Even though, there wasn’t a prenup filing, Russell turned away half of Katy’s $44 million fortune she made during their marriage of 14 months.

However, both have moved on since and have been seeing people during this time, even though they had to wait for their divorce to become official.

Katy shook up the party scene in Paris with a French model Baptiste Giabiconi and then, a only a month after, was seen hooking up with Robert Ackroyd, a guitarist at Florence + the Machine at Coachella.

Meanwhile, Russell was romancing with Nikolett Barabas, a Hungarian model in March.

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