Robert Pattinson to Star in Jeff Buckley Biopic?

Looking at Robert Pattinson, you couldn’t help but wonder why the movie star looks infinitely sad. It couldn’t have been because she’s dating Kristen Stewart. Or could it? But anyway, his sombre look and demeanour may have just landed him a role in the upcoming biopic of Jeff Buckley as – well, Jeff Buckley himself.

Children of the 90’s may have no recollection of Jeff Buckley, but you have probably heard his songs being sung on American Idol and X Factor. Know the song Hallelujah? Jeff helped popularize the song and it’s his version that is often sung by hopeful singers.

But Jeff’s story was of a sad and depressing one. The singer died after a drowning accident in the year 1997. It also doesn’t hurt that our Robert Pattinson shares some similarity in looks to the late singer.

But Robert Pattinson won’t be the only one fighting for the role. He must first beat Jared Leto and James Franco.

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