Robbie Williams Says He’s Too Selfish To Be A Father

English singer Robbie Williams has revealed that he has no plans in becoming a dad in the near future since he has insisted that he is way too ‘selfish’ to be a father.Tied vows with Ayda Field in August after 4 years together, the singer recently fueled the rumors that he’s desperate on becoming a father after he has claimed to consider in vitro fertilization on helping increase his chances of having a family.

Despite Field’s broodiness and his claims, however, he still has insisted that he has no plans for being a father just yet.The Angels hitmaker said that Ayda has wanted to go to that idea but Williams’ insisting it as long as possible.

He said he’s selfish and quite like does nothing most of the time and when he gets a chance to do nothing, he goes past London’s Hyde Park and he looks at moms and dads with their babiers and think ‘Oh no’.Williams added that he looks exhausted as it is and heaven knows what’s going to happen to him once he has a child.

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