RIP George Lindsey

George Lindsey passed away in Nashville, Tennessee after a lengthy illness, He was 85 years old. He will best be remembered for his role on “The Andy Griffith Show” in which he played Goober Pyle, a CBS sitcom. He also did work on the television show “HeeHaw”. Andy Griffith released a statement saying that George was his friend and that he has great respect for him. He said that the two often talked over the phone and that the last conversation they had was only days before. He said they would often talk about their health, as well as friends that they missed that had passed away before them. He said the last thing that George and him said to each other was “I love you.” Griffith said that neither of them were ashamed to say it. George was born in Alabama and was raised by his grandparents. He got his first taste of the acting bug when he saw the play “Oklahoma”. It was reported that he went to college to become a teacher. He is survived by his son, George Lindsay, Jr., and a daughter Camden Jo Lindsay Gardner, as well as two grandsons and companion, Anne Wilson.

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