Rihanna’s Wedding Gift for Katy Perry: A Lavish Honeymoon in Tokyo

When I missed a friend’s wedding — I sent them an apology note and two tickets to see Harry Potter’s newest film. If you are Katy Perry, however, and you have an equally filthy rich and famous BFF that goes by the name Rihanna — expect to get thrown a lavish second honeymoon holiday

So here’s the story. The Umbrella singer couldn’t have been more sorry about not attending Katy Perry’s wedding in India — due to work commitments. Her way of apologising? She arranged for Katy Perry and Russel Brand to go on a honeymoon trip to Tokyo. The total cost of the honeymoon trip is reported to be at a cool £30,000.  

The honeymoon trip will include a four-night stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo for £1,500 per night. Don’t forget the first class flights as well for the two. Given that during the Teenage Dream’s singer first honeymoon she was bitten by a spider and had to be taken to the hospital — hopefully the second honeymoon will feature less spiders and more of romantic stuff. 

According to a source, Rihanna has been lamenting the fact that she missed her best friends’ wedding. So this is her way to make up for that because she knows just how much Katy adores Japan and its capital city.


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