Rihanna & Chris Brown Reportedly Seen Kissing, Cuddling at NYC Nightclub

Judging by how much public display of affection Chris Brown and Rihanna has been showing lately, it’s only matter of time before they announce they are reunited.

This week, the couple was reportedly seen at Griffin nightclub in New York City, where onlookers say they were kissing and cuddling and later even took the privacy of the bathrooms too. Rihanna and Chris Brown broke off in 2009 when, Brown assaulted her the evening just before the Grammy Awards.

An unnamed source told Page Six, both sat on table far from one another. Chris made his move and went over to Rihanna’s. He pulled up his shirt and danced promiscuously. Later they began dancing together and kissing and hugging in front of everyone else. Afterwards, both went to the bathrooms for another of duet.

Brown left the premises around 4am while Rihanna followed suit after five minutes. On Tuesday morning, Brown was seen leaving the Gansevoort Park Hotel, which is Rihanna’s current crashing spot.

Even though Brown and Rihanna have been involved romantically for some time now, they never went public with their relationship secret to avoid backlash. Maybe, now they don’t have to worry so much about it.

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