Rihanna & Chris Brown Are Expressing Themselves In Tattoos

Star-crossed singers and former lovers Chris Brown and Rihanna are speaking out to the world through new tattoos. Citing Chris Brown enraged history, his newest tattoo might seem a bit creepy to many.

According to Entertainment Weekly it’s been reported that Brown has a tattoo on his neck’s right side which resembles a woman who’s been beaten down. Brown denies that the woman is Rihanna as we all have seen her infamous injured face taken after the assault.
Brown’s representatives told ABC News that, the tat isn’t Rihanna; it’s of a Mexican sugar skull candy, popular in Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations.

However, the couple have kind of reconciled ever since. They have been seen together on dates occasionally, and last month Rihanna in an interview told Oprah that she misses him sometimes.

Meanwhile, the “We Found Love” singer herself got a huge tattoo spread across her torso beneath her breasts depicting Isis, an ancient winged Egyptian Goddess of fertility and motherhood, reported Daily News of New York.

Rihanna posted the photo of her new Isis tattoo on her Instagram account on Sunday while covering her nipples with her hands. She said the tattoo is a tribute to her late grandmother Clara Brathwaite, who died from cancer on July 1.

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