Half-Pissed Celebrities from Golden Globes Award Head Home (PICS)

Nia Vardalos at Golden Globe Awards

So in case you haven’t realised already from all of our posts this afternoon, it was the Golden Globe Awards last night, which was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. We saw how gorgeous Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Mariah Carey looked when they arrived on the red carpet, but after they’ve had a few […]

Busty Mariah Carey at Golden Globe Awards with Lapdog Nick Cannon In Tow

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon at Golden Globe Awards

As is always the case with Mariah Carey, if there’s an opportunity for some free publicity, she will be right at the front of the cue. And as has grown more and more apparent over the last few months, her lapdog Nick Cannon came along for the ride, attending to Mariah’s every request. Mariah Carey […]

Cameron Diaz Is the Lady in Red at Golden Globe Awards 2010 (PICS)

Cameron Diaz Pictures from Golden Globe Awards

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz is certainly no stranger to the red carpet, and last night she really blended in with the carpet itself as she arrived at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards in a bright red full-length frock. The Charlie’s Angels actress looked amazing as she made her way up the red carpet past all […]

Jennifer Aniston Dazzles on Red Carpet at 2010 Golden Globe Awards

Jennifer Aniston Pictures

Jennifer Aniston, we all know her as the gorgeous actress from the popular ‘Friends’ TV series. But last night she was one of the most anticipated attendees at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards which was held in Beverly Hills. The Marley & Me actress flashed her pearly whites for the photographers at the Golden Globe […]