Pretty Kate Gosselin Flaunts $7000 Hair Extensions (PICS)

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin was spotted doing the rounds in Reading, Pennsylvania yesterday looking lovely in a black coat and white top. The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom looked pretty hot with her newly-extended tresses which set her back a whopping $7,000.

Kate Gosselin divorced her ex-husband Jon Gosselin last year, and Jon seems to have moved on as he’s found himself a new lady to keep him warm at night. According to the celebrity rumours, Jon has been shacked up with 25-year-old Morgan Christie, who he met on holiday in Utah.

Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend Morgan Christie lives in California, but has been visiting Jon regularly in New York City. By the looks of Kate’s new hair extensions, it seems she is back on the market for a fella.

Any takers?

Kate Gosselin New Hair Extensions

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