Peg Leg Heather Mills Is Already Skating On Thin Ice

OK, from the title of this article, I’m sure you can tell I’m not a fan of leech Heather Mills. And before you say “that title is disability discrimination”, I’d like to point out I myself am disabled!

But when it was announced Heather Mills would be appearing on Dancing On Ice, we did wonder how she would manage it with only one leg. Imagine her doing the ‘Headbanger’ for example. Her leg will be pulled clean off. But all joking aside, Heather Mills is already skating on thin ice as she plays the sympathy card.

If I can’t get my skate leg on for the day of the show, we’re going to need a routine prepared where I do the whole thing on one leg,” she told GMTV. And it seems she isn’t going to last long on the show either. Every bookie on the planet are offering strong odds that Mills will be the first person evicted from the show this week.

She also has odds of 25-1 to dance with only one leg at one point in the series. Currently Dr Hilary Jones and Emily Atack are favourites to win the show. Who do you think will win, and do you think Heather Mills will last long on the show? Comments below please…

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