Paula Abdul Quit American Idol over Money!

In a time when the world’s economy is in deep recession, celebrities need to learn they cant always get what they want anymore, and the case of Paula Abdul quitting American Idol is the perfect example to this.

As more details begin to surface, its reported that Paula Abdul demanded a substantial raise, and when she couldn’t get it, told the show she was quitting.

Paula is currently being paid $10 million dollars per series, a huge amount of money by anybody’s standards. Its reported that the 47-year-old told producers she wanted $20 million to stay on at the show.

Apparently the ‘star’ has said she felt ‘very unappreciated’ in recent months, and especially after the shows top judge, Simon Cowell got a raise to $144 million, and the shows host, Ryan Seacrest, got a raise to $45 million in a three-year-deal.

American Idol, listen up. I will fill Paula Abdul’s place on the show for only $2 million dollars, and i really DO NOT care how unappreciated i feel.

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