Paris Hilton Looks Like Barbie in Bright Pink Dress

After finishing her trip in New York City, Paris Hilton switched into a sexy pink dress while filming a commercial for the Israeli Lottery on Thursday afternoon.

The sexy blonde heiress spent the day working hard on set, tweeting: “On set shooting the Israeli Lottery Commercial with my cute lil Co-Star Dina!“, which she might have lived to regret. After her tweet, every photographer in the city headed to the location, and within minutes, there were hundreds of paparazzi and onlookers watching her hard at work.

She again took to her Twitter account to announce: “The Paparazzi have Invaded our Commercial Shoot.

After wrapping things up at the shoot, Miss Hilton changed into something a little more comfortable as she headed to the local airport with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt as she readied herself for a trip to Las Vegas. She said: “Taking off in the jet to Las Vegas. So Excited! Huge!

Paris Hilton Pretty in Pink Dress – Pictures

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