Paris Hilton Is a Valentines Day Shopping Hottie

Our favourite socialite Paris Hilton was seen gearing up for a romantic weekend yesterday as she shopped around for Valentines Day in Beverly Hills, California.

During her retail romp, Miss Hilton played with her very cute puppy, picking him/her up a few times for the lover’s holiday. Afterwards, Paris Hilton headed home for some quality time with her pop star boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, taking to her twitter account to announce: “Laying in bed watching Harold and Kumar with my love.

An hour or two later, she again took to twitter to say goodnight. “Going to bed, sweet dreams everyone. Have to get up and set up for my Super Bowl Party!” – That’s why the fans love Paris Hilton so much, she personally ensures all her fans know exactly what she’s up to.

Good for you Paris!! And I must say, you look SUPER SEXY in the pictures below…

Paris Hilton Valentines Day Shopping

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