Paris Hilton and Dough Reinhardt are Beverly Glen Shoppers (PICS)

Heiress to the billion dollar Hilton hotel chain, Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were spotted in Beverly Glen yesterday doing some shopping together.

The blonde bombshell and her handsome hunk looked in love as they spent some quality time together, before loading their bags of shopping into the car.

As Paris and Doug do more of this domestic behaviour together, many are left wondering if the pair are ready to confirm their romance by walking down the aisle. It would certainly be a spectacular wedding, all paid for by Mr Hilton no doubt.

In an interview last week, Paris Hilton hinted at a wedding: “I wouldn’t rule out a wedding in 2010. Doug’s taught me how to grow up and become more domestic, as in not going out as much as I used to.

So should Paris Hilton Marry Doug Reinhardt?

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Beverly Glen Shoppers

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