Paperboy Director Lee Daniels Calls Zac Efron ‘Pure & Hungry’ For The Infamous ‘Peeing Scene’

Zac Efron has grown leaps and bounds since his day at “The High School Musical” franchise with the actor playing more and more edgy roles with the likes of, 17 Again, Charlie St. Cloud, The Lorax, New Year’s Eve, and The Lucky One which cemented his versatility and mainstream appeal.

The 24-year-old’s latest movie, “The Paperboy”, by Lee Daniels where the Efron plays Jack, the young brother of Ward Jansen, a Miami based reporter played by Matthew McConaughey, who is investigating a murder case to acquit Hillary Van Wetter (played by John Cusack). So he takes help of Jack (Efron) and a woman (Nicole Kidman) who write letter to Hillary.

In the movie there is a scene where Nicole Kidman urinates on Zac Efron which is among one of the lurid acts that is generating mixed reviews as well as some shocked reactions.

When asked about the audience’s reactions regarding the scene director Daniels told MTV News, people who don’t get the world are appalled besides saying that he is here to do what he likes, not to please anybody.
About Zac Efron, Daniels told he was marvelous and proud of him. Zac was pleased and anxious to deliver that kind of performance and he pure and hungry for it.

“The Paperboy” is due in theaters on October 5.

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