Octomom Is Single Again

After nearly dating for three months with amateur bodybuilder Frankie G, Octomom aka Nadya Sulemen, 37, finally says it quits, sources told TMZ.

To answer the question why she ended the relationship, Octomom says she decided to end the relationship because she has too much to handle in life right now and won’t be able to make any time for any kind of serious relationship, sources say.

The mother of 14 children is very busy at the moment. To recap, Octomom is presently juggling different X-rated gigs, trying to launch a singing career, she was evicted from her house as she couldn’t pay her bills and of course, she has to care for her 14 children!

Moreover, Octomom realized that Frankie G, 23, was simply too young to keep up with her fast paced lifestyle, so she had to let him go, according to sources.

However, both will remain friends

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