Nigella Lawson To Get Divorced From Husband Charles Saatchi

nigella lawsonProclaimed art collector Charles Saatchi, 70, said on Sunday (July 7) that he’s divorcing his celebrity TV chef and personality Nigella Lawson, 53, for not defending his reputation publicly after photos surfaced of him clinching her throat while dining in a posh restaurant in London.

Last month pictures appeared on newspapers of the incident, which Charles, 70, labeled them as a “playful tiff” while having an intense argument about their children. Charles was later “cautioned” by the police after admitting assault.

Charles told The Mail on Sunday that he’s sorry that he’s going to divorce Nigella, adding that they both have drifted apart and become “estranged” from each other over the past year. He also said that he was disappointed over Nigella that she didn’t make any public statement that he abhors all kinds of violence against women and that he didn’t “physically” abused Nigella in any possible way.

The Mail on Sunday also reported that Nigella wasn’t notified of the divorce before the news was published.

Charles and Nigella got married in 2003 and stayed in London with Nigella’s son and daughter from her previous marriage to late journalist John Diamond and Charles’s daughter from his previous marriage. John Diamond died from suffering from cancer in 2001.

Charles is the co-founder of the Saatchi & Saatchi advertisement agency, which owns one of the largest private art galleries in London, while Nigella is a famous TV host and chef whose cooking books are best-sellers in the UK and the US.

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