Nicole Kidman Knocked Down By Cyclist

nicole kidmanNicole Kidman, 46, was pretty shaken up when she was hit by a speeding cyclist while standing at the sidewalk in New York on Friday Sept. 13.

The 46-year-old Oscar-winning actress was knocked down outside the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan returning from the Calvin Klein fashion show at New York fashion week. However, Nicole didn’t receive any injuries, but she told to the Associated Press interview that she was shaken up.

Meanwhile, Carl Wu, the 19-year-old, who is confirmed to be a freelance photographer, crashed into the actress as she sped towards her on his cycle. He was later charged for three offences for not wearing a helmet, riding on the sidewalk and being reckless, according to The New York Police Department.nicole kidman

Nicole decided to press legal action against the Carl, but is said to drop the charges following the police’s decision not to arrest him.

Earlier, Carl acted recklessly in 2010, when he allegedly tried to snap a picture of Lady Gaga. He’s also the subject of the blogging site, Tumblr page called, “F*#k you Carl Wu”.

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