Nicola Roberts Comforts Cheryl Until 1am At Her Surrey Mansion.

Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts was comforting her friend and fellow Girls Aloud member, Cheryl Cole until 1am at her Surrey mansion.

The Singer was spotted leaving Cheryl’s mansion at 1am, after spending hours comforting her friend, Nicola has always been close to Cheryl since they met in PSTR 7years ago, (she even put her hand in Cheryl’s wee when she dropped her phone down the toilet) as soon as Cheryl got back from LA she rushed to comfort her, Cheryl has reportedly staid locked in her Surrey mansion since returning from LA.

After spending the night with Cheryl, and fellow Girls Aloud band member Kimberly Walsh, she had a grim expression on her face after she drove herself away.

Ashley has blamed the marriage breakdown on Cheryl’s mam,Joan Callaghan, and a lack of sexual activity since she moved in after he was first caught cheating on Cheryl (No Ashley your marriage broke down cause your sending naked pictures of yourself to people and having sex with countless women, get your facts right).

The couple annouced their split earlier this week.

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