Nicki Minaj & Keith Urban Joins “American Idol” Officially

After weeks and weeks or speculations regarding who will share in judging duties with Mariah Carey in the “American Idol”, its finally official. It’s Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban with Randy Jackson returning back.
The news has been announced by Simon Fuller, executive producer of the show in a statement on Sunday.

In a statement Fuller said, the star power of the American Idol has never been great, with Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban joining in alongside Randy Jackson. We like to thank FOX’s ongoing commitment and belief as well as the focus and dedication of the Idol team from the very beginning. We are focused on making this year’s “American Idol: Season 12” the best ever.
Besides the show’s favorite and incomparable host Ryan Seacrest is also sticking around.

Now that the American Idol’s judging lineup is definite, we can’t help wonder what happened to all those rumors about locking in Enrique Iglesias, Nick Jonas, Kanye West and Adam Lambert who were all considered for the judging table.

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