Miley Cyrus & Mommy Tish are Sunday Stunners

Miley Cyrus Tish CyrusMiley Cyrus and her mom, Tish, had some quality bonding time together yesterday as the pair were seen having lunch at Mo’s Restaurant in Toluca Lake.

Miley had a rare break in filming this weekend, as she left Tybee Island, where she has been filming her latest movie, The Last Song.

The pair were seen having a meal around midday, then they indulged in a spot of shopping, making a stop at Starbucks for a meeting, and Miley also kindly stopped for a photo with an elderly gentleman.

The mother and daughter duo then headed back home, where I’m sure Miley Cyrus got busy packing an overnight bag as she prepares to perform her latest single, Party In The USA,  at the annual Teen Choice Awards.

Miley is then scheduled to go right back to Tybee Island where she’ll continue work on The Last Song. Earlier today Miley tweeted: “Sooo sick again =[ I hope I feel better before Teen Choice Awards.

Hope you feel better for the Teen Choice Awards Miley, and good luck in getting an award for your song, 7 Things.

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