Miley Cyrus Likes Jennifer Lawrence’s New Haircut

Jennifer lawrence miley cyrusApparently, Jennifer Lawrence, 22, is getting some love from another fellow Hollywood celebrity for new short haircut.

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus, 20, shared on Twitter on April 22, that she loves the Hunger Games star’s new wavy bob hairdo, with a “heart” symbol. Jennifer was seen her new haircut at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards on April 20.

So, what inspired Jennifer to have cut off her locks?

The Oscar-winner’s hair stylist Mark Townsend told Allure magazine recently that Jennifer didn’t have the haircut for a new role, it was just spontaneous. Mark continued that her hair got a little damaged from all hair colors, so he asked her to cut four-inches off, but she insisted on cutting about eight-inches.

And, Jennifer did bring along a celeb inspiration picture to the salon. Mark said she a photo of Dianna Agron with a choppy layer haircut.

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