Miley Cyrus ‘Dressing as Snooki for Halloween 2010’

Disney princess Miley Cyrus has said she wants to dress as Nicole Poliziz, AKA Snooki from Jersey Shore this Halloween.

The Hannah Montana babe was interviewed by Snooki at the Grammy Awards last weekend. Snooki rose to fame on the MTV Reality TV Show Jersey Shore. Miley Cyrus said: “I watch Jersey Shore all the time. It’s my favourite show. I’m gonna be you for Halloween – I’m doing the proof and everything.

She continued by saying that her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth plans to be Ronnie from Jersey Shore. She added: “I just want to learn to do my poof as high as you, because I’m from the south and we’re all about the big hair! All you do is tease, hairspray, wide clip,” advised Snooki. “That’s all you do. You know what I call it? The Snook-It.

Jersey Shore is due to return on MTV later this year


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