Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Take The Dog’s for A Walk (PICS)

Now Miley Cyrus has finished her sold-out Wonder World Tour, she has time to burn being a ‘normal’ teenager, and yesterday she was seen taking care of her pet responsibilities as she took her dogs out for a walk in Toluca Lake.

Joined by father Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley looked quite the hottie and as ever, appeared to be in good spirits as she flashed her pearly whites for the paparazzi. Taking her pups around her local neighborhood, she was seen wearing a blue cardigan, grey top and black trousers.

Miley Cyrus was asked recently what she would like to do with her life if she wasn’t the a-list mega-star that she is today. Answering the question, she stated she would love to help couples plan for their wedding day.

My dream job was to become a wedding planner. I like the idea of putting a great event together. But I am terrible with time schedules. I don’t even have a watch,” she said.

Talking about her new romance with Liam Hemsworth, the Hannah Montana babe said: “I like spontaneous men, guys who go with the flow, appreciate the outdoors. I’m not the kind of person who gets all warm and fuzzy over a candlelit dinner – that’s a little too mushy for my taste. I like the beach. I like to get out and do things.

Miley Cyrus Taking her Dogs for a Walk.

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