Michael Jackson Gets Final Resting Place

Michael Jackson died well over a month ago and he still hasn’t been laid to rest, despite getting a public memorial service. But it seems Michael Jackson now has a burial location arranged.

The King of Pop’s family has signed papers which clear the way for the singer to be buried a the Forest Lawn Cemetery in the Hollywood hills.

In related news, upon Michael Jackson’s death, Debbie Rowe, who is the mother of Michael’s children, decided she wanted full custody. Personally i think she saw a big payday in asking for custody, knowing she was paid off on several other occasions by the Jackson in recent years.

Despite Debbie Rowe wanting custody, court documents were signed recently which grants full custody of the superstars three children, to Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson.

Toxicology reports are due back within weeks which will hopefully pinpoint the real reason of the stars tragic death. Its long been rumoured that a drug overdose from Jackson’s live-in doctor, Dr Conrad Murray is what killed him. Murray is now facing manslaughter charges.

Earlier this month, police recovered over $5 million dollars in hidden cash which was being held by another of Michael Jackson’s doctors. Michael has an estimated $400 million dollars of debt which will be cleared within months due to the increase in album sales since the stars death.

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