Megan Fox: Weird Belly Button?

Is she even human then? Perhaps she’s an alien….. no wait perhaps she’s possessed again! (get it?)

Cameras took note of the weird belly button of the stunning actress during her recent Emporio Armani photoshoot.

During the photoshoot, those on set filmed all of Megan Fox’s shoot and Megan herself which has brought up her belly button with one commenting: “I’ve never seen a belly button that looks like a cats eye before.”

If it wasn’t for the Super Bowl on Sunday where another of Megan’s adverts was brought up – her Motorola advert with a thumb double! (don’t ask) as she had “clubbed thumbs”.


  1. Weird Cats says:

    It’s one of the really interesting things about cats! It is total hunting excitement!

  2. Winding Machine · says:

    i love the dark hair of Megan Fox, it really makes her look very very sexy ;


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