Mariah Carey Joins American Idol As New Judge

Official news…Mariah Carey, 42, joined as the new judge of American Idol Season 12. The appointment of Mariah comes as a replacement of Jennifer Lopez who earlier left the show, with Steven Tyler.

The TV Critics Association announced this at their Summer Press tour in Beverly Hills, Hollywood. Kevin Reilly, President, Fox Entertainment also confirmed the news.

Meanwhile, Mariah Carey has just become the highest paid judge ever in reality television. She will be earning close to $18 million during her first year in the show, sources say.
The deal easily dwarfs Jennifer Lopez’s first year salary in American Idol. Jennifer scored only $12 million. Mariah also bowled past Britney Spears too. Britney is making reportedly $15 million as judge in ‘X Factor’.

Nonetheless, American Idol has still one more spot to fill in. Rumors say Miley Cyrus or Adam Lambert could be picked.
However, it’s still not clear whether Randy Jackson will remain in the show.

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