Madonna Shows Off Some Skin

Madonna will appear on the cover of Italian Vanity Fair showing off some skin. The 53 year old pop star proves that she still has the look. On the cover, she can be seen showing off quite a bit of cleavage, and has an M pendant placed in her mouth. She is also sporting some fishnets. The cover has a vintage Marilyn Monroe feel to it. Take one quick glance at the cover and you may think that Madonna is naked, due to how she is posed over a stool.
Madonna is getting ready for an upcoming tour. Her new tour logo will feature a fancy M. She has also been busy launching a new perfume that will be available at Macy’s called Truth or Dare. She says that the perfume was inspired by her mother. It will be both mysterious and feminine. The perfume line will include Eau de Perfume, body lotion, and shower gel that will be exclusive to Macy’s. The perfume took about 15 to 16 years for Madonna to make. She said she wanted a fragrance that she liked the smell of. She said if you like the smell of gardenias and are daring this perfume is perfect for you.

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